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Weather station Bellinzona (46.12N-9.01E, 225m)
25.10.2021 23:00  Temperature:8.8°C   Humidity:84%   Rain:10min:0mm,1h:0mm,3h:0mm,6h:0mm,24h:0mm    Wind:6.5 km/h 90°,gust:16.1 km/h   Pressure:1024.6hPa,+0.6hPa/3h
Temperature and dew point
Relative Humidity and rain
Wind speed and wind gusts
Wind direction
Global radiation
Weather station: Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless with ventilation,
(collaboration with the and
Installation: 03.10.2008.
2 m values: temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure and rain (garden).
13 m values: wind speed and wind direction (house roof).
Address: Via Vela 21, CH-6500 Bellinzona

The data can be used ONLY with citation of the source.